Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Study of Plant Biodiversity in the Protected area of Ghoorkhood, North Khorasan            
2    Autecological studies of Tanacetum joharchi, an endemic species to Iran            0000-00-00
3    Biosystematic studies of Artemisia spp. (Asteraceae) in Khorassan provinces by using palynological and phytochemical data    M.Sc.    khademi gazanak, Hanif    0000-00-00
4    Autecological study of "Salsola richteri Kar.Var.androssowi Litv." in South Khorasan    M.Sc.    Bahadoran, Marzieh    0000-00-00
5    Study of Plant Species Diversity in Helali Protected area, Khorasan Razavi    M.Sc.    sokhanvar, fatemeh    0000-00-00
6    Biological variability of the minutiae in the fingerprints in a samples of fars family of the Iranian population living in mashhad            0000-00-00
7    Study of Floristic and Plant Species Diversity in Dorbadam, Qoochan, Khorasan Razavi            0000-00-00
8    Assessing the impacts of grazing and climate change in global dry lands: The BIODESERT survey            0000-00-00
9    Investigation about flavonoid extraction from Achillea L. in khorasan razavi and shomali provinces and its antioxidant activity in vitro    M.Sc.    varaste, maryam    2011-01-05
10    Biosystematic study of the genus Cuscuta L. (Convolvulaceae) in North, Razavi and South khorassan provinces, Iran    M.Sc.    ranjbar, zahra    2011-01-10
11    Spatial correlation of plants and species diversity along a grazing gradient in a dry rangeland    M.Sc.    shahri, samaneh    2011-01-10
12    Biosystematic study of the genus Alcea L. (Malvaceae) ) in North, Razavi and South khorassan provinces, Iran    M.Sc.    nazem, nazanin    2011-01-10
13    The Biosystematic study of Taraxacum spp. In North and Razavi Khorassan provinces    M.Sc.    haeri, samira    2011-01-19
14    Determination of the best method of extraction flavonoids from leaves and flowers of Achillea spp in khorasan province and its effect on human skin wound healing    M.Sc.    Khosravitabar, Fatemeh    2011-02-04
15    An investigation on the soil seed bank under canopy of shrubs or in open space along a gradient of grazing intensity, Kakhk rangelands Gonabad    M.Sc.    nikbakht, zahra    2011-08-17
16    An investigation on the relationship between plant species diversity and biomass under the canopy of allelopathic species    M.Sc.    Khavar, Adeleh    2012-05-12
17    Autecology and Phytochemistry of Dorema kopetdaghense Pimenov plant speices in Khorasan Provinces    M.Sc.    shafiee nick, saeideh    2013-02-12
18    Study and Comparison of Plant Biodiversity in Goloul protected area, North Khorasan Province    M.Sc.    smail poor, samane    2013-02-12
19    Analysis og Gennetic diversity of Juniperus polycarpos K.Koch in northeast of Iran    M.Sc.    mohammad baqer, Erfanian taleea noqan    2013-02-13
20    Biosystematic study of the genus Orobanche L. (Orobanchaceae) in North, Razavi and South Khorassan provinces    M.Sc.    moosavi parsai, seyedeh zahra    2013-02-13
21    Identification of Scenedesmus species and their allelopathic effects on green algea around Mashhad    M.Sc.    pourghorban, zohreh    2013-02-13
22    Identification of freshwater green algae colonies around Mashhad with emphasize on allelopathic interactions Ceratophyllum demersum L. with immobile colonial species of Scenedesmus    M.Sc.    khoshzaban, zahra    2013-03-13
23    Biosystematic study of Phlomis herba-vent and Phlomis cancellata in NE Iran    M.Sc.    ghasemi, atiye    2013-03-17
24    in vitro production of Achillea bibersteinii Afan. microshoots and comparision of their phenolic acids with intact plant    M.Sc.    Alipour, zahra    2014-03-01
25    Investigation of Plant Biodiversity and its Relation to Environmental Factors in Darroud, Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    darrudi, mojtaba    2014-03-01
26    Autecological study of Delphinium semibarbatum in Khorasan Razavi province    M.Sc.    mojarab, elahe    2014-03-01
27    Ecological Niche and habitat suitability Modelling of Ferula xylorhachis in NE Khorasan Razavi    M.Sc.    Mazangi, Alemeh    2014-03-08
28    Investigation of Plant Biodiversity in najafi town, Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    hamedian, maliheh    2014-03-08
29    Investigation and comparison of Plant Biodiversity in ungrazed and grazed parts of Zharf area, Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    saeedi, malihe    2014-03-08
30    Autecological study of “Acanthophyllum ejtehadii Mahmoudi & Vaezi” in Khorassan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    maleki, zahra    2014-03-08
31    Investigation of Plant Biodiversity in Arghavan Area, Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    Noorbakhsh hosinei, Vajehe sadat    2014-03-08
32    An Investigation of Relationships between Ecological Groups and Plant Diversity with the Environmental Factors in Chamanbid-Jozak area, North Khorassan Province    Ph.D    nadaf, mohabat    2015-01-26
33    A Survey on the Impacts of Environmental Factors on Biodiversity, and modeling the Effects of Climate Change on Certain Species Distribution in Shimbar Protected Area, Khuzestan Province, SW Iran    Ph.D    Dinarvand, Mehri    2015-01-26
34    An Investigation on Biodiversity and Environmental Factors Affecting the Vegetation of Heydari’s Wildlife Refuge, Northeast Iran    Ph.D    Atashgahi, Zohreh    2015-01-26
35    Phytosociological study on the vegetatation of Qalajeh protected area, Kermanshah province, Western Iran    Ph.D    Nemati Paykani, Mostafa    2015-01-28
36    Evaluating functional and taxonomic plant species diversity in Ghamishloo national park, Isfahan province    Ph.D    Akkafi, Hamid Reza    2015-01-28
37    Effects of Some Environmental Factors on Plant diversity in Cheshmeh-Sabz watershed, Golmakan, Khorassan Razavi    M.Sc.    firouzjahantigh, mohammad    2015-04-25
38    Biodiversity of lichens along the elevational gradient in Hezar Masjed Summit, Khorasan Razavi, NٍE Iran    M.Sc.    sayad, atefeh    2015-04-25
39    Study of Plant biodiversity in relation to physiographic factors in Hezar Masjed Summit, Khorasan Razavi Province, NE Iran    M.Sc.    hosseini, saeidehsadat    2015-04-25
40    Study of Plant biodiversity in relation to environmental factors in Sarigol National Park, North Khorasan Province, NE Iran    M.Sc.    janati, mona    2015-04-25
41    Effects of spring and autumn prescribed fires on diversity of plant functional groups and establishment of Agropyron desertorum in Dehbar rangeland Torghabeh    M.Sc.    Hosseinzadeh Noghondar, Saeed    2015-05-04
42    coparisonal study of Lappula barbata and Lappula microcarpa (Boraginaceae) based on morphology, anatomy and palynological character    M.Sc.    nakhaee sistani, roya    2016-02-26
43    Autecological study of “Phlomidoschema parviflorum (Benth.) Vved.” in Razavi Khorassan province    M.Sc.    smailzadeh, samaneh    2016-03-05
44    Autecological study of “Colutea gifana Parsa” in North Khorassan Province    M.Sc.    alizadeh, farzaneh    2016-03-05
45    Potential assessment of hybridization of the genus Rosa in Razavi Khorassan province    M.Sc.    lomei, atieh    2016-03-12
46    Autecological study of “Phlomoides binaludensis Salmaki & Joharchi” in Khorassan-Razavi Province    M.Sc.    Ramroudi, Marzieh    2016-04-26
47    Study on some ecological characteristics of species Festuca karatavica (Bunge) at Shirbad mountains Shandiz    M.Sc.    -, -    2016-06-06
48    An investigation on structure, pattern and assembly processess of plant communities across elevation gradient from the ecological and phylogenetic prespectives in Hezarmasjed region, Razavi Khorassan province    Ph.D    Pashirzad, Maral    2016-06-20
49    An investigation on phytosociology and response curve of indicator species in a Hyrcanian temperate forest, Northern Iran.    Ph.D    Tavakoli, samaneh    2016-06-22
50    Investigation of plant phylogenetic, functional and species diversity along an elevational gradient in Dowlat Abad area, Khorassan Razavi Province    Ph.D    Erfanian Taleii Noghan, Mohammad Bagher    2016-06-25
51    An Investigation on Diversity-Invasibility of plant community across grazing and watering stress gradients in North East of Iran    Ph.D    rahmanian, soroor    2016-06-25
52    Distribution modeling and suitable habitat of some endemic species of Ferula L. and Dorem D.DON on the basis of climatic factors in Iran    Ph.D    nazari, zahra    2016-06-25
53    Evaluation of the genetic diversity and morphology of birds of prey along Caspian Sea region, Iran    M.Sc.    bashghareh, sadegh    2016-06-26
54    Ecological studies on endemic species of Dianthus L. in Khorassan- Kopet Dagh floristic province, Northeast of Iran    Ph.D    behroozian, maryam    2017-01-01
55    An ecological ,floristic and denderochronological study of Cupressus sempervirens L. stands in the Hyrcanian forest.    Ph.D    Amini Eshkevary, Tayebeh    2017-01-01
56    Study on the riparian vegetation changes, along the gradients of water salinity and distances from the riverbank, in Mondd River, Bushehr province.    Ph.D    Khajehzadeh, Mohammad Reza    2017-01-01
57    The Impacts of Grazing by Domestic Animals on Plant Biodiversity in Golbahar Region, Khorassan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    KADHUM, SARMAD MAHDI    2017-02-27
58    Allelopathic Effects of Artemisia Kopetdaghensis on Colonization between its Understory Plants and Mycorrhiza    M.Sc.    mohammadabadi, fatemeh    2017-07-15

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